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Demo Version of AP Chemistry App

It is now possible to open a Demo version of my AP Chemistry Quiz & Cards App.

You need to be using an iPhone or iPad iOS 14.0 or above.

If on a Desktop,simply point the camera of your device at the AppClip code to start.

If browsing on your phone, press and hold on the Code and you will be given option to Open Demo.

The Demo version is limited to 10 Mb, so restricted to only one Lesson of Notes, 5 Cards and about 10 MC Questions.

It automatically deletes from your device after a period of inactivity. There will be the option to download full version of the App offered.

CSI Simpsons Chromatography

CSI Simpsons - Introduction - Video

The conversion from the original Flash to Video inevitably leads to a loss of quality and/or a file that is too big for most users. The Video that loads is lower quality (smaller) but the downloadable version is of higher quality (larger).

Download video: MP4

New App Launched Jan 2022

I have launched my new App. It includes a full set of AP Chemistry Notes as well as 120+ FlashCards with AP level questions, tips and advice. In addition, there are 600+ MC Questions arranged by AP Unit.

For copyright reasons, none of the questions can come from actual AP Exams but they have been carefully chosen and written to match the content and level of AP Chemistry.

They would be equally suitable for A-Level, IB , AdvH , OCR etc. but would not cover all the content of these courses.

This will be Physical & Inorganic Chemistry with very little Organic.



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