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Wednesday, 07 October 2021

Gratified to see that there are a reasonable number of people still finding these Lessons useful.

So I've decided to try and streamline the process to make it easier to, in particular, navigate between the lessons. This was originally controlled by the code within the App.

Spotted and sorted a problem with some of the Worked Examples not loading images.

Saturday, 20 Mar 2021

Whilst I'm not definitely giving up on this App, time & technology have moved on and I'm not sure I can spare the time and effort to finish this App.

However, over the last few years, I've been able to use the Lessons on my whiteboard but hidden behind a Tab that was labelled "Extras". You are free to use them. Tab is now more clearly labelled as "Lessons".

Monday, 11 Sep 2017

I'm presently writing Topic 5 - Calculations and Topic 6 - Acids and Bases (working titles, may change).

At that point I'll be rebranding the App as N5ChemTutor1 and will start charging a modest fee for the App. If I achieve sufficient sales, then I will be able to start on N5ChemTutor2.

Monday, 01 May 2017

N5ChemTutor App (1.4.1) is now available on App store. This inludes various improvements and Topic 4 - Structure and Bonding.

Sunday, 20 Nov 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.3.1) is now available on App store. This inludes various improvements and Topic 3 - Formula and Equation Writing.

I've also made the decision to revert to a totally Free App for the foreseeable future - mainly to support schools that install Apps on Devices they supply to their pupils.

Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.2.1) was uploaded App store. This inludes various improvements and Topic 2 - Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry.

This is the first of the 2 or 3 Topics that I will charge for.

Monday, 06 June 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.1.3) was launched on App store.

Initially it contained an Introduction and Topic 1, which could be downloaded and installed for free.

Topic 1 -
Rates of Reaction & Investigation Skills

Factors Affecting Rate - 4 Lessons
Measuring Rates - 3 Lesssons
Investigation Skills - 5 Lessons
Worked Examples 1 - 3 Examples

Topic 2 -
Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry

Atomic Models - 2 Lessons
Important Numbers - 4 Lessons
Nuclear Chemistry - 5 Lessons
Electron Arrangements - 1 Lesson
Worked Examples 2 - 8 Examples

Topic 3 -
Chemical Formulae & Equation Writing

Introduction - 1 Lesson
From Names - Prefixes - 1 Lesson
Two Element Compounds - 1 Lesson
Three Element Compounds - 1 Lesson
Balancing Equations - 1 Lesson
Working with Ions - 1 Lesson
Worked Examples 3 - 7 Examples

Topic 4 -
Structure, Bonding & Properties

Introduction - 1 Lesson
Monatomic Structure - 1 Lesson
Metallic Structure - 1 Lesson
Covalent Bonding - 1 Lesson
Covalent Molecular - 1 Lesson
Covalent Networks - 1 Lesson
Ionic Networks - 1 Lesson
Electrolysis - 1 Lesson
Worked Examples 4 - 7 Examples